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Our Unique Seller’s Package

Your real estate property is an investment. Whether your primary residence or a rental property, you worked hard to save and invest in your real estate property and you should expect a healthy return on this investment. We’ve assembled a group of real estate professionals to ensure just that – a solid return on your investment. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, we are committed to sharing the very best resources with Canadians to maximize their wealth through real estate. We believe that anyone who owns real estate is an investor and should plan, decide and act with an investor’s mindset that is focused on building wealth and optimizing net worth. We are excited to share our Unique Seller’s Package with you!

Why Sell with Colizza Group?

We help you get ready to sell

  • We will visit your home and discuss ways to improve the saleability – sometimes this means a bit of remodeling and renovations – but we’ll invest our own money to see this happen.
  • We will discuss market timing
  • We will use real-time data to price your home right
  • We will name your home to create a compelling story that attracts more buyers
  • We will describe your home to reflect its unique qualities and characteristics making your home stand out in the market
  • We will stage your home at no upfront cost to you, which will be included in the overall renovation budget if needed, - and no upfront costs. 

We help you make a great debut

  • We will take professional-quality photos that make your home shine
  • We will host an open house to showcase your home to as many buyers as possible.
  • We will create high-quality feature sheets
  • We will let competing brokerages in your neighbourhood know about your home
  • We will educate all real estate sales representatives about the unique selling features of your home
  • We will let local agents know about your home
  • We will provide unique yard and directional signage
  • We provide a 24-hour message that lets buyers quickly find information about your home

You get more than a listing on our site

  • Tap into our massive market of online home-shoppers
  • Make a splash on MLS and other major real estate sites
  • We will advertise your home on Facebook, Kijiji, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
  • We will refine & repost ads daily or weekly to improve buyer response

Our job isn't done until your home sells

  • We will follow up with buyers' agents after all showings
  • We will touch base regularly to keep you in the loop
  • We will make recommendations on show-ability and pricing (position and re-position)
  • We will constantly advise you of activity in your neighbourhood
  • We will negotiate aggressively to get you the best price and terms
  • We will walk you through every step of the closing process

Steps of Our Unique Selling System

Getting Acquainted

We believe that in order to capture the full value of your home, we need to get to know you and learn what you love about your property. We will visit your property, where we will take notes of all the wonderful details your home offers and the story it conveys. We may recommend some remodeling, renovation, and repairs, which we will pay for and you only pay once your home is sold. We don’t just prepare to sell a home; we add as much value to guarantee your return on your home and prepare to sell a compelling story that will appeal to the emotional intelligence of all buyers. That’s why give each and every property we sell a name that reflects its personality and unique features.


Prepare a Detailed Sales Proposal for Your Property

Once we understand you and your property, we begin working on renovation plans (if needed) and create a compelling description that highlights its unique selling points. With an engaging write-up in hand, we evaluate comparable properties in the market, considering their list prices, selling prices, and time on the market. The results are compiled into a detailed Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) report, allowing you to see how your property compares after the remodeling is complete. Based on our analysis, we finalize a sales proposal that includes a suggested list price and a proposed timeline of activities. Within two business days of our meeting, you receive the completed sales proposal and CMA, providing a clear overview of our process and a suggested list price that maximizes your actual selling price.

Sign the Listing Agreement and Review the Working with a Realtor benefits.

After you review the sales proposal and you agree to proceed with the sale of your home, we will arrange to meet with you to go over the paperwork and confirm the approach and schedule.


Start the Renovations.

We will get to work as soon as the listing agreement is signed. Whether the renovations are simple repairs and painting or whether they entail completely remodeled rooms, we get the work done quickly and with the best quality workmanship. Our goal will be to get your home on the market quickly without compromising the quality of results. We take care of everything from the renovation work, to removing old furniture and bringing in new, modern furnishings, to cleaning and staging – and you do not pay anything until your home sells. We guarantee more profit in your pocket once the renovations are complete.

Photos, Video (and staging, if required).

We will arrange to have professional photos of your home. All our photos are taken by professional photographers with years of experience taking professional and enticing photos of real estate properties.


Prepare the Marketing Materials

Marketing your home is critical to attracting the maximum number of buyers. We work with professionals to create the most enticing marketing brochures, ads, and flyers. We prepare an information folder for all real estate sales representatives so that they can share important information about your home to prospective buyers

Market Your Home

We will spend countless hours making sure that your home is seen by all prospective buyers in the market. This includes advertising on popular social media sites, as well as in local real estate and marketplace publications. We will also rely on our wide network of connections to ensure that everyone knows that your property is for sale, as well as provide them with detailed information about your home. We will ensure that your home is listed on the MLS and will provide everyone with an easy-to-use show time schedule, where they can book showings and provide feedback. We will update you on all showings and the feedback received. We will also ensure that we provide attractive sale signage on your property, with directional signs if required.


Showing Your Home

We will work with you to come up with a show time schedule that works for you. We always try and minimize the show time window in order to minimize the disruption in your life. We will work 7 days a week to ensure that you get the most showings in your show time schedule. We provide feedback on every showing and keep you updated on the number of showings received by the day. We ensure that all safety precautions are taken to keep your home safe and your belongings secure. We strive to create an environment that enhances the showing experience for all prospective buyers.

Receiving and Accepting Offers

We will share every offer received on your home and discuss each offer thoroughly with you. Ultimately, you choose the offer that best meets your goals. Once an offer is accepted, we see it through to the closing of the sale. We deal with the lawyers and administrative staff to make sure the transaction is successfully completed.



We make sure that your property is taken off the market as soon as it is sold. We also support you in the move, if required and we assist the buyers wherever we can.


We will follow up with you to make sure that the sale of your home was a satisfying experience and that we surpassed your expectations.  

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